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LevelOne FCS-9900 Central Management System

Key Features

Client-server distributed architecture & centralized management

Access and control unlimited cameras, I/O devices, operator clients and display matrices

Unlimited layers of E-map indicates cameras, I/O devices and server locations

Multiple servers can be located at multiple sites

H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, and MxPEG video compressions

Real time alarm management and instruct the operator to respond

Unlimited Matrix display wall that stream and display live video from LevelOne IP CamSecure Pro Surveillance Management Software

Supports latest Windows OS included Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 2008 R2 64 bit

LevelOne FCS-9900 Central Management System

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The LevelOne Central Management System (CMS) is a powerful system designed for large-scale and high level enterprise projects which takes traditional system out of the control room through Internet access. The network-based key operation system can manage unlimited combinations of analogue and network cameras worldwide, unlimited work stations throughout different locations. CMS can manage all LevelOne product lines including IP CamSecure Pro, NDVR Hybrid and forthcoming new NVR series. It has the most powerful alarm management system and can control unlimited matrices or viewing consoles in the centralized control room. CMS is based on an open architecture Client-Server Structure that can be expanded as your business grows with no limits. Map Centric Operation The controls and operation of CMS is clear cut and map centric. CMS functions are accessible directly from the E-map. Security operator can open live video window, instant playback window, remote backup, query alarm, trigger digital output devices, check system status and more. Instant Alarm Response Real-time alarm management supports up to 45 alarm types, 6 video analytic events, alarm priorities and independent alarm coverage and data mining tool. Alarm Guide provides operators an instant know-how to respond to different alarm immediately. CMS Matrix offers a video wall for users to get video and manage alarm efficiently and instantly.

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