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LevelOne KVM-0422

Product Overview
The KVM-0422 4-Port USB KVM Switch from LevelOne offers users with an easy to install KVM switch that can manage four computers from a single monitor, keyboard and mouse.

It allows users to access, control, boot and reboot four USB-enabled multimedia computers using a single USB keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Flexible Multi-Computer Management Feature
Users are now offered with flexible multi-computer management support. The KVM-0422offers users with user-programmable simultaneous or independent PC and audio switching. This enables users to work on one computer while simultaneously using the other computers for work or fun.

The KVM-0422 supports PC and Macintosh (MAC G3, G4, iMAC) platforms.

One Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor controlling Two Computers
The LevelOne KVM-0422 connects four computer systems to a single USB keyboard, USB mouse and monitor.

The KVM-0422 is a Plug-and-Play KVM switch that requires no power supply and no additional software installation. Users simply connect the KVM switch to the USB mouse and keyboard and screen ports on each by using the included cables.

Easy to Switch between Computers
The KVM-0422 switches between computers either through the pushbuttons located on the switch or by using keyboard hot keys. The KVM switch includes a Windows® and Mac based utility allowing users to select and monitor active PCs from their desktop as well as to configure the keyboard hotkeys for easy switching between computers.

The KVM-0422 further supports hot-plugging for easy maintenance of computers without shutting down the KVM switch or the computer. The LED display offers an “at-a-glance” status display for easy computer activity assessment

LevelOne KVM-0422

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Key Features Flexible switching for an uninterrupted multi-platforms experience Control and manage four computers using a single USB keyboard and mouse and monitor Simultaneous and independent PC user-programmable switching High 2048 x 1536 pixels VGA resolution USB interface power supply Easy switching between computers with keyboard hotkeys push button and software selection At-a-glance LED display for easy monitoring of PC activity True Plug-and-Play operation without any software installation or power supply Windows-based switching software utility included Package Contents KVM-0422

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