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LevelOne KVM-9006

Key Features

A single, inexpensive Cat.5 or above UTP cable replaces bulky KVM cables

Locate Cat.5 console up to 150m away from the KVM switch with superior auto-adjust RGB signals capability

Collocate computers and servers on one location, ideal for hazardous or unsecured environments

Switch computers by push button or hotkey commands

Audible feedback when switching

LED indicators for computer status or data transmission

3-in-1 space saving design

Work with PS/2 or USB computer

Easy to install and use with plug-and play functionality

LevelOne KVM-9006

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The KVM Cat.5 USB Extender Kit is a pair of devices (Transmitter and Receiver) for highdensity applications where you want full use of the keyboard, mouse, and monitor, but there is no room for a server nearby. It allows users to access a computer, server or KVM switch up to 150m away. Or for applications where you want to put all computers in a safe place, all that is needed on the desktop is a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. KVM-9006 has auto-adjustable RGB gain/delay control capability for superior video performance. On the local console it supports resolution of up to 1920 x 1440 and on the remote side it supports 1280 x 1024. This makes KVM cat.5 USB Extender and excellent solution for increase your productivity while helping reduce desktop space.

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