Leading German networking brand LevelOne introduced new 1080p HDMI Audio/Visual broadcast technology designed for large-scale multimedia displays at the 2012 CeBIT Hanover Fair in Germany during March.      

The two new LevelOne High Definition Multimedia Interface broadcast solutions allow users to extend digital video and audio signals from an HDMI source, such as a Blue-Ray DVD player, PC, game console or other source to remote displays over a Power over Ethernet Gigabit IP-based network.    


Both LevelOne solutions are perfect for video distribution in boardrooms or office environments where multiple users need multiple content sources on multiple displays.    


The first HDMI over IP solution, HVE-650 series, is specifically designed for SMB users where a single HDMI source is broadcasted over an IP network to single or multiple displays. In a more complex application this broadcast solution allows 16 unique HDMI input sources to be displayed on 200 individual displays. This is a useful feature where trading floors need to display several exchange board information on various displays throughout the office.    


For the SMB market where several displays need to display various content, this unique LevelOne solution offers flexibility by utilising current PoE Gigabit network infrastructure without having significant impact on network performance. This LevelOne solution also offers the distinct advantage of distributing HDMI signals through Cat.5/6 or fiber cable without traditional limitations of current HDMI extenders.    


The second HDMI over IP solution is designed for a large video matrix wall made up of several displays. The HVE-660 HDMI Video Wall over IP series offers viewers of large-scale video wall displays high-definition video and 8-channel audio without “picture tearing” that are evident in traditional matrix video displays. By utilising HDMI video source splitters available from LevelOne sister brand Equip, the HVE-660 series can be used to broadcast a single HDMI video source to a video wall in a 9x9 video matrix layout, for a total of 81 displays.    


Both solutions make use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) to allow for a clutter-free installation. The foam design of the HVE-650/660 series HDMI over IP has been optimised for low power, small area installation and high performance.  


The solution also makes use of Managed Network features such as VLAN isolation and IGMP Broadcast Snooping to minimize the impact on available network bandwidth. As an added advanced feature, both solutions also support R-232 communication over IP, allowing for centralised management of remote displays.