Networking manufacturer LevelOne, part of the DDC group based in Dortmund, Germany, has announced a range of innovative long-distance PoE solutions using Power/Fibre Hybrid Cable (PFHC) technology. The PoE extenders will enable fast and affordable applications such as outdoor surveillance, digital signage and communications. 
While traditional PoE networks are limited to an operational range of approximately 100 metres from the power source to the PD, far greater distances are achievable using PFHC technology. With 12 AWG cable, the solutions launched by LevelOne can extend a network up to two kilometres from the source (transmitter) for PoE devices, and one kilometre for PoE-Plus devices. Using AWG 18 cable, these distances are still up to 700 metres for PoE and 450 metres for PoE-Plus devices. Power output at the one-kilometre mark is up to 50W. 
From a 19-inch rack-mounted chassis (POC-4002, available soon), each PFE-1001T/1101T transmitter can send power and data up to two kilometres via hybrid fibre cable, with a PFE receiver converting power to PoE at the other end. Each receiver can then be  connected to a PoE-enabled Powered Device (PD). The PFE-1014R has four ports, allowing connection for up to four PDs. For an extended surveillance installation, this enables four PoE surveillance cameras to be connected to each receiver, and eight receivers each connected to its own transmitter at the central chassis, making a network of 32 cameras possible per chassis, spread out over a two-kilometre radius. The vendor also supplies 12 or 18 AWG hybrid fibre cable with optional LC Fibre Optical Termination.
The innovative solutions aim to save companies money, as they negate the need for elements usually found in long-range PoE installations such as industrial-grade PoE switches, weatherproof outdoor enclosures and remote power outlets. Since PoE devices are  often scalable, the solutions enable further savings in energy consumption, as well as helping reduce carbon emissions.
The full range of PFHC devices launched by LevelOne includes the PFE-1001T/1101T transmitters, the PFE-1001R/1004R receivers for indoor applications and PFE-1101R/1104R receivers with IP66 rating for outdoor, all-weather installations. The outdoor receivers have an operating temperature range of -40°c to 60°c. 
The vendor has also announced the imminent launch of POC-4002, a purpose-designed  nineteen-inch 4U chassis to house up to eight transmitters.
Marketing Director at the DDC Group, Troy Chen, said: “we’re an innovative company, and we always try to keep ahead of the latest trends in technology. With that in mind we design products to help people work smarter, and get the most performance out of their networks. Whatever a situation demands, we aim to have the perfect solution available.”