Boasting half the world’s remaining rainforest and home to one-third of the world’s animal species, the Amazon plays a huge part in our planet’s ecology. With Taipei’s Huashan Cultural and Creative Park playing host to the Amazon eco-adventure show over the summer holidays in Taiwan, German-owned networking manufacturer LevelOne has agreed to sponsor the event by supplying power-line and wireless equipment.


Over 200,000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition, which is taking place from the 13th of July through to the 1st of September. Most of the visitors will be school students, learning about the river and its importance to the world’s ecology.


CSR Account Manager at LevelOne, Elly Lin, said: “our company is very aware of the environmental footprint we leave behind. Anything we can do as a company to reduce our impact on the planet, or encourage good environmental initiatives like this, are an important part of our directive.”


LevelOne’s distribution partner in Taiwan, Radi International, will also offer their professional services by installing the networking equipment throughout the exhibition centre. LevelOne partners with companies which, like themselves, have a focus on corporate social responsibility as well as customer service.


The exhibition will engage school children by displaying some of the Amazon’s most interesting species, such as the world’s largest freshwater fish, the Arapaima, a giant centipede, and the world’s largest beetle. Displays will focus on sustainability, how the indigenous tribes of the Amazon live in harmony with their surroundings, and try to emphasize what an important part of the world this is, and how it is endangered by many aspects of modern life.


The exhibition will take place throughout eight halls at the Huashan centre, all of which will be connected by LevelOne equipment, with Radi International donating their time and expertise to the installation.


LevelOne has recently opened an office in Colombia, one of the countries through which the Amazon runs.