LevelOne has upgraded many functions of the company’s powerful 64-CH IP CamSecure Lite Surveillance Management Software, version 1.34.0. The Upgrade Version will allow much greater monitoring speed and flexibility to users through increased multi-channel viewing capabilities. 

Listed under product number FCS-9064, the software has many advanced features including live P/T/Z, motion detection and E-Map. 
While version 1.34.0 allowed simultaneous monitoring of up to 64 channels, FCS-9064 Upgrade Version will also support simultaneous playback of 16 channels, significantly more than the single channel playback currently on offer. 
Access from a remote device connected to the local console is also significantly advanced by the upgrade, now offering live view of 32 channels, and simultaneous playback of up to 16. Previous software versions could access and playback one channel at a time. 
From a mobile device featuring the IP Camsecure app for iOS or Android, live viewing and playback is achievable for up to six channels at once, giving the user much greater control of their network and faster access from a tablet or smartphone. 
The large range of advanced features on the IP Camsecure 64 channel freeware are still included in the package, with capabilities such as H.264 compression to reduce the storage bandwidth of megapixel cameras, Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions and 2-Layer E-Map to identify the location of all cameras in the network, whereby an E-Map will pop-up on the host computer with the exact location of a security breach.
The software also allows dual screen displays, defined by the user. While the first screen can be set to monitor a full array of up to 64 channels, the second screen can be set to display selected or highlighted cameras, allowing for quick monitoring of chosen areas. The second screen can also be used to playback recorded segments while the first screen maintains live viewing.
The IP CamSecure software enables users to maintain an existing analog network, and combine it with an IP-based network within the one system, with the use of LevelOne Analog Camera Capture Cards.