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Triton Serverkast 22HE 80 x 90 glazen deur Grijs

RMA-22-A89-CAX-A1 908922
Welded cabinet with removable side panels and rear cover,
IP20, capacity 400 kg.


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•19“ free-standing cabinet with IP20 protection. •Cabinet includes 4 sliding vertical rails for device mounting (6 rails for cabinets deeper than 800 mm). •Cabinet construction: – Welded steel frame with removable side panels. – Single or double doors in variants fully-metal, perforated (80% air permeability) or glazed with safety tempered glass 4 mm. They can be on the front or back of the cabinet. •Max. permissible load of the door is 20 kg. •Min. thickness of the surface finish is 65 µm. •These cabinets are intended for installation data and telecommunication devices and their distribution systems. •The frame of the cabinet and all the removable parts (side and rear covers, doors…) are connected with earthing cables that have to be properly fixed and inserted into connectors during all the time when using the cabinet. •There is one M8 screw placed on the bottom part of the cabinet as an earthing main point. •Cable openings covered with breakout-type blanking panels are placed in the top and the bottom part of the cabinet.

Aanvullende Informatie

Kleur Grijs
Breedte 800mm
Diepte 900mm
Hoogte 22U
Achterdeur Geen
Voordeur Glazen deur
Merk Triton